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Raivis Galante Application: Done Qozndt

Full Name: Raivis Galante
Age: 17
Birthday: November 18
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Russian House
Rank: Spy

Well read✯
Lulling people into a sense of security✯
Surprisingly agile✯
Sharp aim with light guns✯
Extraordinarily high alcohol tolerance✯
Weaknesses: ✮Lack of confidence
✮Easily intimidated/ frightened
✮Sensitive yet proud nature
✮Small stature and lack of muscle
✮Awful luck
✮Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the exact wrong time.

Personality: Quiet, meek and always keen to avoid conflicts, to the very core Raivis is a gentle soul. He has non-existing self esteem but, despite that, he is an optimist. It takes him a significantly sizable amount of time to warm up to people but once he does, he is the epitome of loyalty and, to be honest, fairly clingy. Yes, the boy will have a near panic attack if stranger brushes by him but at the same time, once he trusts someone, he will near hang on them like an extra limb.

Despite Raivis' natural inclination to be a pushover, he also has the magical ability to say the exact wrong thing at very often the worst time possible. It's nearly an art form!

Another essential part of his personality is his realist nature versus his inner romanticism. Raivis very well knows one cannot survive of mere dreams and fairy dust alone but, oh how he yearns for someone to whisk him off into the sunset and for them to live happily ever after forever more! Often, he in the middle of doing tediously practical things such as actually doing his job as a barista, he finds himself drifting into elaborate day dreams. Of course, more often than not, this leads to minor accidents. The romance novels and poetry he reads clearly do not help the situation.

Another unfortunate trait of the romantic side of him is how easily Raivis' heart is set all aflutter by simple asks of kindness. At any given time, he harbors at least one minor crush who, when confronted by them, he is rendered completely incapable of basic human functions.

Despite all this silliness, the young man isn't all sugar and sunshine. He is very well aware of his cutesy appearance and, though he is ashamed of his feminine, young features, he absolutely will use them to his advantage if presented the opportunity. Also, on the rare occasion he is pushed to the edge of reason, he will lash out viciously. Which mostly results in him trying to stab someone with a flower and end up crying and hurting himself.

Raivis' timidity is chronic to the point of which, if in a dark alley, he will develop a fear of his own shadow and proceed to give himself a near heart attack every time he sees it.

History: In any other set of circumstances, Raivis' life would have absolutely nothing to do with the Mafia or anything even remotely illegal. He would be off at college, studying to become a preschool teacher or a baker, florist or even a nurse. However life had other things in mind.

He had a happy childhood in the suburbs of Riga with a mother and father who loved him very much. Raivis was giggly and outgoing and maybe a bit spoiled by his wealthy parents. One morning, he woke up and his parents, well,.....didn't. The sight of his parents lifeless and bloody bodies still haunts him to this day.

It seemed that the Galantes owed a certain organization a bit of money which they had taken too long to repay.

Raivis, being 9 years old, of course couldn't take care of himself and was passed between multiple relatives, not really finding a home with his grandmother until he was twelve. As his grandmother was older, she was starting to have trouble around the house and, very quickly, Raivis had become her little housekeeper.

He was a very devoted caretaker- even to the point of rarely leaving the house in favor of taking care of her. When other boys his age were out causing chaos and playing video games, Raivis was reading. In fact, his grandmother began to joke that he had a girlfriend- Jane Austen.

He did very well in school despite being bullied because of his rather short stature, stutter and quiet demeanor and, after a while he made a few friends.

Out of curiosity (and frankly being bullied into it), rather than a feeling of revenge, he fell into the Russian Mafia.

Other than that, he is a rather upstanding citizen.

Other Important Info: He has a weakness for trashy novels of the dime store variety and he tends to act more sober when intoxicated than when he has actually had nothing to drink.

Roleplay Sample:
At the Galante coffee shop, busy periods were few and far between. All but when the Starbucks across the street closed for repairs, the cafe retained its one customer every few hours pace. It was not that their coffee was bad or that their barrista was clumsy and a little forgetful {though surely that had an impact}, it's just that being situated by more mainstream, corporate shops did not help them get noticed. Damn hipsters not practicing what they preach and choosing the cozy little shop over the harsh flourescent lights and oversanitization of Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts.

The young barrista did not mind the periods of inactivity that constantly plagued them. It was nice. Raivis could safely go off into his little dream world of heavingly bosomed heroines and broad chested pirates with hearts of gold with a lessened risk of pouring freshly made coffee onto someone's hand and perhaps risking a lawsuit. The blond used all this time to also gather his thoughts and try to wrangle words together in an appealing manner. It was a mystery to his parents, the owners of the shop, why the phrase 'caramel macchiato' was written into an acrostic poem on the blackboard where the menu was but they knew some things where better off unasked.

Raivis sighed, fiddling with his dark brown apron behind the counter. He was a bit antsy, yearning for his latest dimestore romance novel and frustrated that no word in the English language rhymed with purple. Or silver or even orange for that matter. Such colors were stubborn things he decided as he grabbed his book from the hiding spot next the whipped cream.
 -from Professionalia


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You read the rules, right?: Raivis Galante Application: Done 35idrus
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Anything else?:Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus Thank you for reviving the site everyone ❤ All your effort has made me so, so happy!

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Raivis Galante Application: Done Empty Re: Raivis Galante Application: Done

Post  Admin on Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:02 am

Congratulations! You are accepted!

If could could change your name to your characters name it would be greatly appreciated!

I'm glad that you are happy :3 I can't wait to RP with you!

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