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Post  Sadiq Adnan on Sun Dec 25, 2011 5:35 am

*Pokes head up and looks around*

Hello all there. This says it's the section to meet players and characters so I'm sticking a player introduction here.

Greetings everyone. I tend to go by victoriousscarf or VS around the internet. I've been into Hetalia on and off for... a little over two years now. That's a long time for me to stick around any fandom that's not Star Trek TOS, or Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS. Of course that's probably because Hetalia ends up being constantly reinforced as I'm a history major. I'm currently going to college, double majoring in History and English/Literature, and currently looking around at Grad schools for next year. I read history books to relax when I'm done with my homework.

I'm a nerd and rather proud of it (I mean, just look at my majors). Other nerdish pursuits include musical theatre, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, the afore mentioned Star Trek, the Good Wife, and lately Once Upon a Time. Also, various classic Science Fiction books.

I've used Sadiq on a couple other RP boards, but I'm happy to be able to get back to this character. My characters also have this annoying habit of picking up songs they feel fit their character, so it's entirely possible playlists will start popping up. I'm very excited about this board idea and hope it goes well. Very Happy
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