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Sadiq Adnan  D-071

Full Name:Sadiq Adnan
Age: 35
Birthday:October 21
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Mediterranean
Rank: Head


*Sly and cunning intelligence

*He’s an excellent marksman. It took him many years of training to achieve.

*He runs an extensive network of contacts. He knows a guy who knows a guy who basically knows everyone. This allows him to gather intelligence as well as call in favors.

*He can be quite charming when he’s not actively laughing at someone.

*Having lived on his own for years, he’s an excellent cook. He will cook his own food rather than let other’s near it as often as possible, and doesn’t mind cooking for others, even his servants and guards.


*Overly arrogant, which means sometimes he does not believe certain things are happening.

*An addiction to coffee. He drinks several cups a day and isn’t always paying attention to what’s gone into said coffee.

*He’s going deaf in the left ear. It’s minor now, but sometimes he won’t hear people approaching on that side.

*Several times a month he’ll have nightmares that don’t allow him to sleep again that night.

*Somewhere in him he has a heart. He tries to build schools in the worst parts of his domain, and occasionally he’ll let himself feel sorry for the wrong person. It’s a weakness that could be exploited.

*He wants to be an old fashioned gangster. Part of him still wants to believe in honor among thieves and acting like the godfather, even as the rest of the world is more inclined to laugh in the face of such notions.

Personality: At first look, Sadiq is loud, brash, and arrogant. At second look he still is some of that. However, he is also surprisingly inclined to help out the less fortunate, spending a large percentage of his revenue not tied up in gang business on building schools and children’s charity. However, those benefiting from such actions are rarely those that he knows in person. To those interacting with him day to day, he always appears like a very shady sort of character. He’ll smile at inopportune moments, and constantly looks like he’s on the verge of laughing at every fool who crosses his path.

Sadiq is the type that enjoys holding power. He might not always enjoy the duties that come with the said power, or the publicity that comes with it, but he wants to have the ability to use it when he needs to. He likes to cloak himself in mystery, and does not trust easily.

If Sadiq was ever going to be entirely honest with himself--which he's not--he wants to have kids. He wants to be surrounded by a house full of children and a lover who'll stay with him as long as they both shall live. On the inside, he's entirely a hopeless romantic. He still wants to find that one person he can love and who won't break his heart. Since he's surrounded by his bodyguards and henches, it doesn't feel as lonely as it could, though sometimes when he's in his own rooms the emptiness hurts more, and reminds him how much he wants a bustling household filled with affection and love. It's usually then he spends a night on the town drinking.

History: Sadiq’s mother died when he was young, and he never did figure out who his father was. He grew up on the streets of Medezka, taking advantage of anyone kind, and conning anyone not inclined to be generous. It was during this time he picked up street fighting and started learning how to use guns as well as to charm. Sometime during the next few years he got noticed by the house, taken up as a runner, and then moving along the ranks as a gunman, where he perfected his marksmanship. From there he was eventually accepted into the head of the family’s personal bodyguard. He stayed in that position for many years, having entered it young. When the current heir ended up assassinated by a brush with another family, Sadiq was the current head of family’s most trusted member.

Still a young man, Sadiq is new to being the actual head of the family, and completely aware that head’s don’t always live long, especially in the downtown area.

Other Important Info: He wears a white half mask over his face. There are varying stories about why or where he got it, but suffice to say it was given to him by someone important in his past. Officially, it is supposed to ward off the evil eye. Also, anyone even attempting to make a reference to the Phantom of the Opera will probably be taken out quickly with extreme prejudice. He also smokes, and so will usually have a lighter on him.

He likes Greek food especially Baklava, a desert involving honey.

He’s also allergic to cats.

Roleplay Sample:

Leaning back in his chair, smoking a cigarette, Sadiq considered the papers in front of him. One would think illegal activities would not leave such a paper trail or create so much paperwork, but they would only be fooling themselves. He really wished he had a secretary he trusted enough to deal with some of this stuff.

Alas, he really didn’t want anyone poking around in his business, or to know the extent of money spent on either bribing politicians to look the other way. It was an interesting life, to say the least, but no one else needed to see it. With a sigh, he hit the cigarette lightly on the ashtray, taking another long drag from it. With so much to do, would saying he was bored actually be correct? There were piles and piles of things needing his attention, but none of them were even close to holding his attention. Some days it felt like being head of the house was just an increased security risk without much to actually do. When a knock finally came he perked up, feeling a little pathetic for doing so, but happy that something might show up to actually occupy his mind.


Timezone:-8 Pacific
MSN/AIM;etc: At my discretion if you don't mind.
You read the rules, right?: Sadiq Adnan  9206813
You read the ChatBox rules, right?:Yes, of course
Anything else?: I’m a little unsure if this history is going to work here, so if anything just doesn’t fit into the world, let me know. When I think of gangsters I tend to turn to the 1920s USA sort, having done far too much research into that particular era. I can be flexible, that’s just where my mind automatically heads. Well, that or Batman comics. So while I figure this is a great deal more modern, there are probably elements of the 20s showing up.

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  • Congratulations!!! You are accepted!

    I loved your app X3 The age is set more to today's time but your app works for it!

    If you can make your account with your characters name it would be greatly appreciated!

-Merely reposting it here so everyone knows for sure that you were accepted.-


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