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Post  Admin on Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:45 am

I am aware that rules aren't the most exciting read, however, they must be followed so we can enjoy ourselves. I will try to make this as painless as possible for you. Make sure to read before applying.

General Rules

1. Genderbends and original characters are not allowed in this roleplay, sorry. Please don't argue with anyone on this subject.

2. Be respectful and kind to all members. Bullying will not be tolerated. We don't want any drama around here, so this is a very important rule. There can be in character drama, of course, but let's keep it at that. Be civil. If you are having any problems with a player, no matter if it is big or small, tell one of the people in charge around here and we will take the proper actions in the situation.

3. No power-playing, metagaming and/or godmoding. Nobody likes it, and it defeats the whole purpose of posting. The only character you are allowed to control other than your own are NPCs. If you want to control everyone, maybe a fanfiction is better suited for you than roleplaying.

- Power-playing is controlling a character that is not yours and not an NPC. If your character licks another character, you do not control whether or not they recoil in disgust, punch you in the face, or lick back. All you can do is lick. Saying anything like 'he spoke in a way that nobody would ever be able to resist' is pushing it, unless you are working in a narrative form and the character is thinking that about themselves or someone else.
- Metagaming is giving your character knowledge they should not have, for instance, knowing about a surprise birthday party no one told them about.
- Godmoding is creating a mary sue character. This is a character that is not balanced, and is perfect. This character is beautiful, smart, strong, compassionate, and so on. Every character has flaws.

4. This is a literate roleplay, meaning you actually have to type. All responses should be at least one paragraph in length, meaning 5 to 7 sentences. It is like, well, the writing you learn in school. Length rule does not apply to out of character sections, but please make an effort still. Quotes in quotation marks, and all that. No -action- or *action* style responses are allowed.

5. If you feel the need to address the player behind a character in a post, please separate your speech from the characters in (( )), [[ ]], etc. to avoid confusion.

6. Be active! I know that everyone has a life, which is more important than roleplays, but try to post at least once a week. When leaving for long periods of time, post a hiatus thread telling us. There will be activity checks so the forum doesn't die.

7. No killing off characters. Due to the nature of this roleplay, there are likely to be injuries. You can have something super horrible happen if you desire, but no deaths. Ever. Also, if injuring another character more than a scrape, at least try to contact the player before you disable them for a while and make sure it is okay.

8. If you are going to post something mature, then make sure you post up a warning! If you don't, then your posts are susceptible to being deleted. Age checks are helpful, but not fail safe. We may have minors on this board, so be cautious. I am more inclined toward doing a fade to black and continue via private message, instant messaging, etc. instead, but I will turn a blind eye toward those who put a warning such as "MATURE" or "M" in the header of the topic.

9. Each player is allowed one character until they reach a post count of 50 with their first. This is to ensure activity. The most anyone will be allowed, however is only 2. This leaves characters for late joiners to have a chance at. If you start slacking on posting with both characters, you will be asked to drop one character.

10. Yes, this is an alternate universe, but please keep your character traits. If you character has special verbal tics, like "ve", "aru", or whatever it may be, make sure to keep them. They may be toned down but they are still part of your character. Same goes for overall personality traits. Minor changes can be made, but no creating a whole new person.

11. Before you join the site, you HAVE to fill out an application first off and be ACCEPTED.

12. In topic titles, make sure to include who it is for. If it is an open topic, please have something like "Title here [open]". If for a specific person put "Title here [character here]", "Title here [character here+character here]" etc. This makes it easier to reply to things.

13. There is one special rule on this board. All Moderators and Admin will have one extra account. This extra will not be a character, it will simply be for them to exercise any needed moderation. Any issues or questions should be directed to those accounts only unless they invite you to contact them on their character accounts.

14. You MUST be 16+ to play here. I'm sorry, but due to some of the more graphic things we'll be allowing on the board, this is a must.

15. Remember, have fun! If there are any questions about anything, feel free to ask. No one here bites.

If you read this, please put a funny picture in your application on the spot where something about the rules is asked.

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