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B O N N E F O Y , F R A N C I S

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Full Name: Francis Bonnefoy
Age: Thirty Six
Birthday: July Fourteenth
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: English
Position: Associate; Francis is whatever the English House needs, whenever they need it… as long as they pay his price. He is not necessarily aligned to their family, but he does favor them in his work.


  • Awareness. Francis has the ability to understand the subtle undertones in human nature, and is able to read the atmosphere. Though sometimes he gets ahead of himself unnecessarily and makes assumptions.
  • Cooking. He is an amazing chef, even when he isn't trying to be. Everything he makes, from a simple soup to a delicate pastry, is delicious.
  • Manipulation. Or for lack of a better term, getting his way. He has always hated not getting his way, and since childhood he has perfected the art of subtle manipulation, whether he has to invoke pity or be especially flirtatious or lie, in the end he is a first class smooth talker.
  • Performance. He has always been a dramatic, and his performance skills, along with the help of a few manipulative words, allow him to perform well, or at least better than most, when either under pressure or cornered.
  • Charisma. If nothing else, Francis is a character. He loves to be surrounded by others, and therefore makes an honest effort to be charismatic and flirty in order to attract other to him. Though, this doesn't necessarily make him friendly.


  • Cowardice. No matter how much of a nonchalant front he attempts to maintain, he holds a certain distaste for confrontation. From physical brawls to serious arguments, he attempts to avoid violence in all of its forms. It's not odd to find him running away, although he hates to admit it.
  • Role reversal. He has a routine with all of those he meets, whether they know it of not. If the norm is disrupted in some way, or things do not turn out as predicted, he becomes unsettled and, to be honest, confused, leaving him open for all to see.
  • Women. Although he swings what some would call "both ways"- merely an act of convenience he will assure you- soft and beautiful women continue to be an acute weakness of the Frenchman. After all, how could he possibly resist?
  • Arrogance. He believes he is genuinely better than majority of people his meets. Which, more often than not, leads to the offending of many people he did not mean to offend in the first place, which in turn results in a loss of various opportunities and friendships.
  • Lying. As mentioned before, he is an excellent lier, but he often finds himself weaving untruths when they are not required and it has become a bad habit. One that will eventually come to bite him in the ass.


Francis Bonnefoy considers himself, above all else, a charming man. Though, some would call him smug, snobbish, rude, or, at times, perverted; but, most would agree with him that, in a way, Francis is charming. He exudes a sense of confidence and charisma toward both the those he does know and those he does not.

However, beyond his cheerful demeanor, it is easy to find that he is a man wrought with blatant insecurities. Most, one would find, that he has the tendency to fill with his many romantic endeavors and over compensation in his general confidence. Francis hates being alone, and one would be hard pressed to find a time or place in which he was not surrounded by others, whether they are his closest friends or a café filled with strangers.


Francis was born in Paris to a wealthy French family who dealt extensively in black market trading. Since he was a child, Francis has been surrounded by underworld dealings, and required his own driver and protection detail. By the age of fourteen, he supervised the illegal market for art and was easily the choice for the one who was to inherit his father's empire.

That is, until the assassination of his father's brother, Francis' uncle and substitute head of the entire "company" until Francis reached adulthood, when he was twenty one. The subsequent collapse of the Bonnefoy's black market empire rocked the underworld, upsetting some families and delighting others.

Picking up the pieces of his family's work, Francis found himself in a unique situation- he had the skill and resources to pursue any "business venture" he wished. With that thought in mind he left his mother in Paris and traveled to Medezka in order to secure a foothold in the world of organized crime. He began as an information broker- anyone could come to him for intelligence, for a price. He made a rather competent spy for some time after that, one would be surprised how much someone gives away when they think you're a "neutral" party.

After both of his forays into the world of organized crime Francis became tired of the politics of the city and hired himself out as a hitman and thief. By pure coincidence and rather ironically, Francis has become… associated with the head of the English house, something he constantly bemoans ("No one will hire me anymore because they think I'm working for you, sourcils!"). Now he takes his jobs from Arthur, though he does have the freedom to take jobs elsewhere and often leaves for weeks at a time.

Other Important Info:

  • As a hitman Francis prefers the use of sniper rifles. They are quick, clean, and never leave the chance of physical confrontation- something he wishes to avoid.
  • Though his days as an information broker are over, Francis is still the head of a sizable network of informants and can get the information you want if he really must.
  • In spite of the fact that he is technically a man "for hire", Francis is well known for being picky when it comes to the information he leaks about the English House. Everyone knows that he is playing favorites.
  • Francis is known to speak French as often and as unnecessarily as possible, he's often amused by others' annoyance.
  • Although able to see far, lately Francis' ability to view things close to him has deteriorated slightly, forcing him to purchase a pair of reading glasses that he almost always carries on his person. He hated them, that is, until a woman told him they make him look "sexy smart".
  • Something commonly found adorning his face as an accessory, is unfortunately a cigarette. Francis is a chronic smoker and he finds himself indulging in cigarettes often. It's a terribly bad habit that he started as a young adult, and one that he is trying to quit.
  • Francis' nose has been broken multiple times much to his chagrin- what part of "Not the face!" don't people understand?
  • Francis attended a posh boarding school throughout his youth and a prestigious college as a young adult, these are two of the main reasons for his snobbish attitude.

Roleplay Sample:

Francis groaned as he woke to the incessant ringing of the hotel phone.

Well, merde. Was it time already? Reaching down toward the richly carpeted floor, he groped around aimlessly for his slacks. Ah, there they were. Francis couldn't help but smirk as he thought of the events that had led up to his slacks ending up on the floor of this expensive hotel room. His thoughts were interrupted however as the reason for said events called out softly from his side.


"Oui, mon chère?" He called back over his shoulder as he retrieved his cell phone and checked the time… and then the date just to be sure.

"The phone is ringing," she yawned and the Frenchman resisted the urge to roll his eyes, she had not been this daft the night before. Sitting up, he smiled roguishly toward the brunette sitting lazily amongst the sheets and remembered exactly why he had invited her to his room. Oh, what lovely curves. "You may pick it up, mon petit, it is on your side of the bed after all," he pointed out in an offhand manner as he dragged himself out from under the sheets. The ringing stopped as he heard her pick the phone up off of the receiver. Now wasn't she obedient.

Methodically picking up and putting on the clothes he had hastily discarded the night before, the blonde heard the woman hang up the phone.

"It was room service," her speech was slurred from exhaustion, though it could just be her Italian accent he supposed, "They said you ordered a wake up call?"

"Oui, I did. I have something to do." His answer was brisk and to the point as he pulled a rectangular suitcase out from under the bed.

"What's that?"

Hefting the heavy case over toward the window he sent her a reassuring smile, "Oh nothing, just some work. Go back to bed, mon chère." Lighting a cigarette, he waited until her breathing became even again before opening the case and setting up his tripod and sniper rifle. By the time he had finished he had also finished his cigarette- for the most part at least. Taking one last drag of nicotine, he attached a silencer to the end of his gun before putting the rest of his cigarette out on the window sill. Leaning down he leveled his gaze with that of the scope, it didn't take long for him to spot his target. The older man was sitting outside of his favorite café where he had brunch every Tuesday morning according to Francis' informants. Ah, the man looked like he was having such a wonderful morning. Oh well, with the squeeze of his index finger the man now had a bullet through his head.

Making sure he had not woken the beauty still lying in his bed, Francis began to pack his gear silently. Pausing in his quick movements to give the woman a quick peck on the cheek, he made his way out of the door, though not before leaving a few grand on the bedside table. He wasn't about to have such a lovely lady foot the bill of their escapades last night.

Quietly shutting the door behind him, Francis couldn't help but grin. That had gone rather well for his first job.


Name: Blaze
Timezone: GMT - 8
MSN/AIM;etc: ask.
You read the rules, right?:
Francis Bonnefoy [Done] Lokih
… Loki does what he wants!
You read the ChatBox rules, right?: er, yellow.
Anything else?: Nope.


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Congratulations! You are accepted!

I greatly enjoyed your app~

If you could create an account with your characters name it would be greatly appreciated!

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