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Remus Vargus 503999

Full Name: Remus J.Vargas
Age: 57
Birthday: March 15
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character:First
Family: Italian


Wise: Wisdom comes with age.

Strong Sense of family: In both his actual blood and in work, they are all his responsibility and loved ones.

Charming: Even at this stage in his life, Remus bed is rarely without guest.

Proven leadership skills: He's seen the head of the other families change a lot in the time hes been the head of his, must have done something right there.

Reading the room: He may seem like a gullible old man, but He good at reading the situation and looking for the most opportune out come.

Heart of a much younger man: Fighter, lover, friend he still believes he can do it all.


Blonds: There have been more then enough of the light haired men and women in his life that caused him grief to count this a a down fall for him.

Wine: and beer, and vodka, and whiskey, and this one time there was moonshine...the man likes his drink.

Gambling: He'll often bet more then he should, more times then he should, But its all for the thrill of it.

Eyesight: In the last couple of years He has noticed his eyesight failing here and there. Wears reading glasses in his home office but besides that refuses to acknowledge its a problem.

Body of a man his age: A long with this eyesight sometime he finds himself slower, weaker the be remembered himself being.

Invades personal space: Its part to cope with the fact that he can't always see who he is talking to that well, and part he's always been that close up and personal kind of guy.

Personality: On the outside he's a pretty laid back old man, funny, out going,sometimes loud and quick to jump into action sometimes without thinking, he's a constant flirt likes to reminisce about the good old days. But on the inside he feels worn out, tried of it all,sometimes he just wants to sit back a paint with his grandson. Never less he is the Head and takes the job responsibly, but if one were too hurt his loved ones it would becomes clear is a man capable of shooting you in the face, with a smile on his own, and will feel nothing form it but the recoil of the weapon.

History: Remus was born into the lap of luxury. He was from an old Italian mafia family and from day one he was groomed to be the head. So when your life is being planned out for you what else do you do but have fun until its time to fill out the plan? With this logic in mind Remus spent his teens and early twenties drinking, smoking, gambling and chasing anything in a skirt,and sometimes in shorts. Pretty much living his life with out a care, This got him in a lot of trouble form time to time but he always got out of it nicely and relatively clean. Remus late twenties weren't as fun however, this time was when the shit hit the fan and he had to fall into the “planned life”. Things went from being a non-stop party to non-stop work. Sure he had been raised to do this and he knew what he was supposed to do for the most part but it didn't mean he was ready, certain things in his The first time he killed a man still plays in his mind at night. the first time he had to order someone killed, having to kill someone from the family for betraying them,Having kids, getting married, watching his wife die, becoming a grandfather, burying his children and raising his grandchildren, But the moment that stood out most for Remus when he thinks back on them, was talking with his beloved little grandson about the scars on his back and knowing each were from a back stabbing friend,a murderous attempt or a lover once upon a time.

Other Important Info: Remus only openly admits to truly loving one person in his life. Helen (mama Greece)

(Will change the name when we get a Greece if he doesn't like it.)

Roleplay Sample:
Food was good. Food was a blessing that Remus had learned grateful for at a young age. There wasn't a signal problem he could remember that couldn't be fixed by a good meal and some nice company. Remus had seen wars avoided by the breaking of bread, and dirty work made simple by secretly slipping something into a dead mans dish. Looking down at his own plate Remus thought of the latter and his appetite dropped a bit.

From his booth Remus could see the door open and he perked as he tried to tell who entered. The family head hadn't been expecting anyone to join him for dinner, though he had told grandsons he would be dining here tonight. He knew both of the boys had missions tonight but he had wondered, and even hoped a little that they would ditch there dutys to come eat with there grandfather. Alas it was neither of his boys. Sighing Remus took a bit of his meal and flipped through a file he had brought with him.

Work must get done and all that jaz-. Remus' attention was sudden drawn by the alluring scent of passion fruit and lavender. Looking up he spotted a beautiful busty blond woman he recognized as the women who entered in loo of his grandchildren. She was cute, and her dress short enough for him to smirk and order some fruity fu fu drink to send to her. Once reviving the drink she looked around and upon being spotted the two began the secret language of winks and flirts from across the room.

Soon the girl was on her was to the table, sliding in and up close to him. Remus smirked and motioned to bowl of bread on the table. “Bread, Darling?” He offered. After all, Food is good.


Name: Mar
MSN/AIM;etc: Ask me~
You read the rules, right?:Remus Vargus Davidmacro1
You read the ChatBox rules, right?:Yes I have.
Anything else?: Lets have a good time.


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Sorry I was super late in turning this in.


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Congratulations! You are Accepted!!!!

We have a Rome!

Please make an account with your characters name! It would be greatly appreciated!

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