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*Rules and FAQ*
This should be the first stop for new members. Here you will find all the rules and information you need to know before you can join our family.

*Character Tryouts*
This should be your second stop if you want to join. Here you will find the character list, reservation area, and applications are submitted here.

*China Town*
China Town is territory of the Asian House. It is a tight knit community, not really fitting in with the rest of town as far as appearance goes. From the moment you walk in, you know where you are. It is lively and colorful from the moment you walk inside. Rumors of drug trafficking have been said to go on here.
> The Asian House <
> The Outdoor Market <

*City Center*
The center of the city is under the control of the English House. Many citizens take up residence here, and it is very average. There are a number of stores and small shops supplying people with various needs. Unlike the shops in the neutral area however, be careful and remember where you are.
> The English House <
> The Police Station and County Jail <

*East Side*
The east side of the city belongs to the Nordic House. It is the only part of the city with access to water, on the far right of the city. Since they have water, the docks are located here. It isn't as crowded as many of the other parts of town, and tends to be a bit more secluded and quiet.
> The Nordic House <
> The Docks <

*West Side*
The west side of the city is under the control of the German House. It certainly isn't a bad part of town, but it is a little tougher than some of the other areas of the city. This is the point of the city where it is easiest to leave the city, as it borders the next town over.
> The German House <
> The Caged Flower Bar <

Uptown is controlled by the Roman House. It is an area full of city officials and important businesses. Still, at night it is best not to wander alone. There is a large Italian population, so many signature restaurants are located here.
> The Roman House <
> The Hospital <

Downtown is controlled by the Mediterranean House. It isn't the worst part of the city, but does have a past with certain illegal issues. Lots of violence tends to happen in this area.
> The Mediterranean House <
> The Brothel <

The highlands are under the control of the Russian House. It is very upscale and full of big, fancy houses. Many important and influential people live here. There are few stores here, and it is a mystery how they all seem to acquire all their money.
> The Russian House <
> The Casino <

*Warehouse District*
The warehouse district is controlled by the African House. With not at many people as the rest of the city, it was a good place to store many different items brought into the city for storage. No one except them knows everything that is located here.
> The African House <
> The Shooting Range <

*The Neutral Zone*
Not everyone fights all the time, even members of mafia families. Here is where everyone can get along and act civil. Or, that is what is said.
> Shopping District <
> The Pool Hall <
> The Race Track <
> The Sports Arena <
> The Amusement Park <

This area belongs to no one in particular. It is best not to come to this area alone, no matter which house you are from. Unlike the neutral zone, there are no rules here.

> Leave of Absence
> Out of Character Chat
> Meet the Players/Characters
> Plot Discussion
> Advertisements

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