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Plot Question About Heads Empty Plot Question About Heads

Post  Sadiq Adnan on Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:57 pm

So, as someone who plays the head of a house, I was wondering some about how heads work with the characters underneath them.

For example, especially as more apps come through and such, I worry that eventually we might run into trouble with someone making an app that just doesn't fit in with a house? Should heads set up a thread for what they cannot stand to have in their house, their underlings? I don't want to stifle creativity on any level here, but characters within a house should be able to work together.

The other question I had is when new players come on, what do they do when they want their characters to have a past with another? Because sometimes it just shows up in the app, so should we be able to put something in place to check with players before apps go up about past histories?

Final discussion question, should there be a thread put up somewhere about alliances and enemies? For instance, if two houses are sorta working together, if there's a house they /really/ hate and cannot abide, things like that?

Anyone have any thoughts?
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