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ImYongSoo ll South Korea (COMPLETED, MY BROS! FINALLY~) 728688

Full Name:
♥ ImYongSoo
♠ 17
♥ August 15th
♠ Male
Is this an application for a first or second character:
♥ First

♠ Asian Family
♥ Current Position - Runner
♠ Previous Position - Hacker

♥ Movements
---> His movements are quite polished. He knows how his body functions and is fully aware on how to use his body to its full potential. It does sometimes amaze him when some people aren't aware of how to move their body. It's mildly pitiable to him since its potential wasted. It does help that he's 4 Dan in TaeKwonDo and engages heavily in dance. He just has this natural talent for movement, which allows him to excel. And it's this talent of his that allowed his change in jobs. He's also practicing more and more of parkour, which is made slightly easier for him because of TaeKwonDo. It definitely helps with the more airborne aspects. He's steadily getting better through practice, though he does still get bruises and fractures from time to time. He has pride that he can lose and catch anyone when in pursuit. This aspect does make up for the fact that he's of moderate strength. He's definitely more agile than strong.
♥ Toy Weaponry
---> He doesn't quite fancy the idea of him being a carrier of weaponry that can cause heavy injury, such as firearms and blades. He tends to use tools that serve more as a distraction or an attempt to slow down the other. Flash bombs, marbles, paintball guns, and tear gas are few of the many things he tends to use. He's received some frowns for it, but it works for him and that's what matters in the end. He carries a satchel of his tools and is almost never without them.
♥ Memory / Intelligence
---> Don't let his looks and personality fool you. He's a quite witty and clever fellow. He served as a Hacker for the Asian Household before, so he knows his way within the cyberspace. Having a good head on the shoulders is a must. He's well-aware that those who rank within the Mafia aren't stupid people. He knows that they're extremely capable and clever as hell people who can easily pick up on any blunders. Though he might sometimes miss chances and word slips, he's good in a face-to-face situation. He can hold his own in a situation.
♥ Optimism
---> He doesn't let his mind work as a downer on his outlook on life. He's fully aware on how the world can be a bad place but that doesn't mean it can't be a good place either. There are lots of joyous moments in life. He tends to look at that more than the depressing moments. Even though things seem to be taking a turn for the worse, he'll never stop thinking that things can get better. He's been called foolish and naive for hoping for the good that will never come, but he states it's much better than living in a hopeless situation. The Mafia is a dark place, he knows. And he likes to think that he's someone that can make the others smile, despite the situation. Like a light in a dark room. Whether that's true or not, he'll never stop being hopeful and optimistic.
♥ Determination / Motivation
---> He's got a burning determination that can light a candle at ten paces. If he's got his mind set on doing something, he won't stop until it's achieved. He won't let anything get in his way when he's assigned a mission or when he has a goal set in his mind. He's going to strive for excellence. He had this mindset even before arriving in the Mafia. It’s possible that his determination is a factor in staying within the Family. He wants to do everything well to make people proud of him and so that he won’t be a bother.
♠ Eyesight
---> His sight has gotten rather bad due to the fact he spends a lot of time in front of an electronic screen. He tends to wear his contacts most of the time, but occasionally he'll wear his glasses when he's lazy and it's a free day. It's not really a bad thing, but sometimes it really hurts him when something gets in his eye or if he puts on the contact wrong. It can quite bothersome when he's out on his runs as well. He's considering laser-eye surgery. But until he reached the decision to go through with it, he's been wearing clear-glassed ski goggles on his runs for the time being to make sure that dust won't enter his eyes.
♠ Sleeves / Hands
---> He's taken to wearing extraordinarily long sleeves so his hands are always hidden. He's been told that his sleeves are bothersome and that he wear tops with proper sleeves, but he never listens. He doesn't like to look at his hands in fear that they'll be soaked with red. So he covers them with his sleeves. He's had some troubles during runs due to them but he doesn't really mind. He sometimes ties them with rubber bands if they're too in the way. Sometimes he'll also wear gloves; gloves work just fine to him, most of the time. When his hands are out there in the open in public, it usually means bad times and lots of trouble ahead.
♠ Emotional
---> He tends to wear his emotions on the sleeve, moreso in the presence of people who are higher in rank than him. It’s basically like an unconsciously unsaid ‘fuck you’ to the face. Before his time in the syndicate, his emotions were hidden from sight. He wouldn't laugh, get angry, cry, whine, or do anything because he didn’t want to cause a fuss or being trouble. So when he stepped into the new world, he officially cut the binds to holding back his emotions in front of the higher ranks and the important people. But he doesn't forget to respect them; manners were beaten into his mind. He shows his manners and greets with a wide grin on his face, not like a stoic manner like before. It's a load off his shoulders. But having his emotions on his sleeve makes him extremely readable. He's become quite expressive now and he can't hide his emotions from showing anymore. He's too stubborn to let that happen even if it's for the better; he likes the freedom to show emotions whenever he wants. It's actually quite easy to lead him by the emotions. He basically functions directly from his emotions. If he's happy, all motion from him will radiate that. If he's sad, people will know he's sad. It's simple to manipulate him through emotions. Even though his logical side knows that there's a chance it's a lie, his emotional side will crash full-force to whatever truth/lie told.
♠ Alcohol
---> Keep the alcohol away from this Korean. He has got one weak tolerance for the beverage. He can handle the first few servings, but sooner or later, he's shaky on his feet. Plus, the alcohol just cuts through any and all logic and reason in his brain, not to mention all the positive emotions. When he's drunk, all his rage and disappointment and hate come forth and he just becomes violent. Whether he's the loud type of violent or silent, he's quite the handful and it's hard to calm him. He loses all restraint and does whatever the hell he wants. He causes unneeded commotions and all whole bunch of trouble to his Head. He tends to cause a lot of trouble among the other Families’ associates. Basically, he brings shame and embarrassment towards the Asian Household whenever this happens.
♠ 'Young Sue' / 'Sue'
---> This is a touchy subject for him. He attended an escalator English-heavy school and he's gotten more or less teased about his name. For foreigners, his name sounds like 'Young Sue'. Not to mention, the teacher mispronounced his name. It was actually pronounced like 'Yo-ng', but it was mispronounced as 'Young'. He didn't really quite get why everyone called him 'Soo' and other rather degrading terms at the beginning, but at the time, he thought it was something like a pet name and he wasn't quite good enough in English yet to know what those other words meant. But as time passed, he eventually understood but it was rather too late. It caught on and there were more ridiculous things said and he hated it. First of all, it's his name they're making fun of. He takes a lot of pride in his name and seeing how people just made fun of it like that, it angered him. His mother gave him that name and he wouldn't stand for anyone making fun of it. He dealt with a lot of teasing and harassment over it. It didn't quite help that he was Korean either. In short, he ended up having a lot of bitter, hidden feelings for foreigners over it. Now every time he hears 'Soo/Sue' from a mouth of a foreigner, it causes an angered reaction from him. It's a heavy distraction and he never quite got over the whole ordeal. This is basically the reason why he didn’t show emotion before the Mafia and why he emphasizes his emotion in front of higher ranks. Those people really affected him and his emphasis on emotion in front of rank is just a minor way to release anger about it all. He himself doesn’t know it he does it though. It’s an unconscious reaction.
♠ Suffocation
---> Claustrophobia and choking is what really bothers him, but suffocation is the basis of both. This is an exploitable weakness. He doesn’t like small, cramped places, preferring wide, open spaces far more. He’s susceptible in having panic attacks when in small, enclosed spaces. He feels like the walls are closing in on him and he’ll be crushed by the four walls. He gets extremely on edge and twitchy when he’s let out after. Plus, it just brings up bad memories when he’s stuck within a room. Moreso than enclosed spaces, he doesn’t like choking even more. He knows how precious oxygen can be, seeing how he avidly breathes it in. He doesn’t like anything, especially hands, wrapping around his throat, cutting off his air. He doesn’t like things covering his mouth either; he’ll bite down hard into whatever is covering his mouth.

♥ YongSoo is quite an optimistic male, always gung-ho about everything. When he's in a room, one can be sure that it will be lively as heck, whether the occupants want it or not. Sooner or later, he'll either have those occupants rolling their eyes in good humour while shaking their heads or alongside him laughing and having a good time. He's a good fellow. He can make friends quite easily and likes to show them a lot of affection. He loves to mess with people in good nature and tease them with words and friendly touches. Sometimes he can be quite a handful and overbearing though. He's the mildly snarky and forever loves to tease but completely affectionate friend of people. He loves to poke fun at new people and won't give up in trying to be their friend.
♠ But that doesn't mean he's all play and no work. He takes his work quite seriously and won't substitute work for play. He's responsible when need be. He does beat himself over failed runs and glooms to his friends. Failed missions and assignments can really get him down. But a good meal always manages to cheer him up. He always bounces back after good meal with his friends. He's like a child in that aspect. To treat a saddened child, treat them with good food/snack and they'll be happy once more. Actually, he's a child all in all. Blunt like a child, sweet like a child, temperamental like a child, needy like a child, adores like a child, his whole demeanor can be very similar with a child. It's both a positive and a negative statement.
♥ There is a part of his personality that stays hidden; a part of personality that so desperately despises the world and those in it. This part of him formed during school life and an event in his life that had him completely devastated. It usually stays dormant under all his optimism, but alcohol and devastating events/news stirs it up. He usually escapes to other grounds and causes a huge commotion in rage.

♠ YongSoo was the older twin of two brothers. He never knew his father, but his mother raised him and his younger twin as a father and a mother. She raised them both with a stern hand and a loving one. She was like a mother, a father, an older sister, and a best friend to them. She did her best to give them an education and the best life. But their little life was ripped into shreds when a fight between the Russian House and the English House broke out. His mother was caught in the crossfire and killed. He’s not really quite sure who killed her, but he managed to briefly glimpse of the two that did. He sobbed over his mother’s death for quite a while and locked himself inside his home, not at once leaving his room. He’s not sure what happened to his twin brother after the fight. He vanished and YongSoo was far too stricken by his mother’s death to go search for him. He stepped into the syndicate world a few years after the event. He holds a bitter grudge against the Russian and English House. By that time, the image of the two who killed his mother faded and blurred in his mind. All he knows of them now is that they each belong to the Russian and English Family.

Other Important Info:
♥ Cameras
---> He loves cameras and he’s pretty sure that the camera loves him back. This could be a slight weakness. Whenever a camera is pointed towards him, intending to snap a picture, his body goes into a natural pose. He’s never taken a bad picture in his life. It helps that he’s photogenic too.
♠ Korean Dramas / KPop / Video Games
---> Oh boy, does this Korean love them. He’s got loads of dramas stacked on his selves; his collection of Korean dramas is stupidly impressive. He knows all of the KPop singers and his iPod is chock full of their songs. He has a lot of interest in the entertainment business. He was actually going to go into the business, had the outbreak and the death not occurred. He was auditioning and everything. He's mildly put-down for the loss of chance. But he enjoys his current life. And with video games, don't even get him started.
♥ His Cowlick
---> He’s got a cowlick that he just can’t hold down. Some even say that they can see a face in it! And for some inane reason, he tends to make a lustful expression when it’s tugged.
♠ Speech
---> YongSoo has a speech quirk. He tends to use 'da-ze' at the end of his sentence sometimes. The definition behind it is 'In Your Face'. He tends to use it a lot when he’s prideful and gloating. He also tends to slip in Korean whenever he feels an emotion strongly. Excitement is the main cause of his tongue rapidly speaking Korean.
♥ Human Contact
---> He loves giving out hugs and just being near people. He’s heavily interested in heartbeats, so he’s always trying to press his ear against people’s chests. He’s also prone to wanting to feel the heartbeat and he’s gotten some slaps and bruises for 'groping'. All his touches are completely platonic though. It doesn’t pass the friendship line. He gets completely flustered when the touches do move beyond friendship.
♠ Phones / Technology
---> He is a sucker for phones. His room is messily littered with them. He always has to have the newest phone out. He always wants the newest gadgets out. His room is completely littered with technology.
♥ 'Ioan'
---> That’s the name he gives to foreigners, not wanting a repeat of the entire 'Sue' debacle again.

Roleplay Sample:
He could not believe it. Even though it was staring at him right in the face, he couldn't believe it. "You cannot be serious, bro," he spoke in pure disbelief. He stared at the other Hacker in a deadpan manner, his eyes narrowed and his mouth open. He then proceeded on gesturing to the computer screen and to the other Hacker in an 'Are you serious?' manner. You can just feel the disbelief dripping off his mannerisms. It was quite a dramatic scene. He could tell that the other was mildly annoyed by the complete over-exaggerated and grandeur gestures. But he wasn't going to stop those gestures for the other's comfort. Plus he liked to exaggerate and be flamboyant. It was lots of fun.

They were Hackers. HACKERS. They do not get viruses! They were the ones who send viruses. Complete ironic moment right here. And they certainly do not get viruses off those sites. What was Kiku doing at that site anyway. He was supposed to be completing an assignment given to him. It was completely irresponsible! He made sure that Kiku understood all of that.

He could so tell Kiku was peeved at him. Giving a little chuckle, he wrapped his arm around the other's shoulders. "No worries, my pervy Japanese bro! I will fix this in no time! You know that I am more than capable of doing so, da-ze!" he exclaimed, grinning widely. "You just got to let me feel your chest as compensation!" The Japanese male only stiffened and shrugged off his arm quickly. He watched the other sit down in front of the screen, probably working on getting rid of the virus. "No need to be such a prude, Kiku! Not like I'm going to throw you on your back and ravish you~" He stepped out of the room, giggling, before the Japanese hacker decided to slice him in half.

He leaned against the door, his giggles slowly dying down. But it was a pity. He would have liked to listen to Kiku's heart pound hard due to being caught looking up those naughty things. He'll have to try next time around!


♠ Call me whatever you guys want! As long as it’s not degrading! I prefer to be called Ko when it’s OOC. I get confused on who you guys are referring to when ‘Yong’ is used. Is it me? Or is it Yong? I can’t know for sure! Hahaha!
♥ GMT-8
♠ You bros can find me whenever at the CBox! PM if I’m not there. Heheeheee~
You read the rules, right?:
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You read the ChatBox rules, right?:
♥ Course I read it. And I will use that joke until the end of time and more. >8D
Anything else?:
♠ Sorry for the extremely late submission. Sob. And sorry that it's a tad on the long side. Haha. And let’s hope that this board lives long and prospers!

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ImYongSoo ll South Korea (COMPLETED, MY BROS! FINALLY~) Empty Re: ImYongSoo ll South Korea (COMPLETED, MY BROS! FINALLY~)

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You are Accepted!!!!

Your app was amazing :3

If you could change your name to your characters it would greatly appreciated

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