Greetings to you, my bros! /hat-tip

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Greetings to you, my bros! /hat-tip Empty Greetings to you, my bros! /hat-tip

Post  ImYongSoo on Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:18 am

Hello to you whom has stumbled onto this introductory post! I'm pretty sure you have stumbled upon because you have wanted to know more about me. /winkwink. Though I'm pretty sure you all basically know my personality well from the CBox! Heheehe~

Well. I'm the South Korea on the site. Hopefully I can do him justice and you guys won't be irritated by my way of RPing him. I don't really quite play him as a pervy chest-grabber, so if you were looking for a Korea like that, my apologies. Well.... I used to, but I kind of grew... out of it. Hahaha. I wanted to give him a more believable personality. Anyways! I'll do my best to be the best Korea. If you have any issues, feel free to tell me whenever because I'm always up for improvement!

I'm a pretty easy-going person and I'm up for RPing anything. Gore, cute scenarios (I managed to forgot the word for that. I have been trying to think what it could be because I know that there is a word for it but I just can't remember. ;n;), all kinds of stuff! I'm open-minded when it comes to that! Heheehe~

I'm also a bit of a blabber-mouth. So I talk a lot. I think you all know this. Hehehe. And yes. That. I tend to use 'Hahaha' and 'Hehehe' a lot. And faces with the number 8 in them. (Ex. '8D', '8C', '8O', etc.) If I'm ever being bothersome, feel free to tell me! I'm hush right up. I won't know if you're feeling too annoyed or such if you guys don't tell me. It's hard to know your tone of voice through the internet. Be honest with me, guys! If I'm annoying, tell me to tone it down. But this isn't an invitation to start attacking me, okay? I don't want verbal abuse as a way of telling me. That's just mean. 8C

I guess that's enough about me. Haha. Thanks for reading and I really look forward to RPing with all you, bros! 8D

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