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Vash Zwingli (under construction) 1213860469792

Full Name: Vash Zwingli

Age: 20

Birthday: August 01

Gender: male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: German
Position: guard

Strengths: Great gunman,
Works hard,
Good with money,
good with hand to hand combat,
does not trust people outside his family

Weaknesses: Elise -He is close to the much younger girl and is very protective over her
His temper- He often gets in to trouble for it
Sweets-especially the chocolates of his homeland
Trigger-happy- Will try shoot any but his grand father, Elise, and Angeline Hofstee (Belgium will change her name when we get one)
Trust-despite being loyal, his dislike of others makes it hard to make allies

Vash Zwingli (under construction) Anime2466

Personality: He is shown to have quite a temper, but has a soft spot for Liechtenstein and is extremely protective of her. He can also very frugal, for buying cheap cheese rather than a more expensive variety; Vash tends to be very trigger happy when angry. Overall he keeps to him self or stays with his sister and acts as calm as possible. Which normally does not happen and ends up yelling at people and trying to shot them? Not fond of people outside of the family especially the Nordic house for what happened with his father.


Other Important Info: He has a crush on Elise
He has a cross-shaped scar on his left shoulder.

three pet goats

When angry will scream in french

Roleplay Sample:


Name: jess
Timezone: eastern
You read the rules, right?:Vash Zwingli (under construction) 45gun
You read the ChatBox rules, right?: [color]green[/color]
Anything else?:
[center]Vash Zwingli (under construction) German10[/center


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Vash Zwingli (under construction) Empty Re: Vash Zwingli (under construction)

Post  swissgun on Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:26 am

( hit send instead of preview)

History: Vash was born in a small town of Switzerland high in the Alps. His father Klaus was the youngest son of Brunhilde Beilschmidt( Germania will fix his name when we get one) and his wife Cecilia. He had married Vash’s mother Tamara in secret with out his father’s approval. When Brunhilde found out he was furious that his son for running off and marrying a women outside of Mafia world. Klaus brought his pregnant wife to meet his family. Cecilia found Tamara to be very charming and a good match for her son, but Brunhilde was not impressed by her. Brunhilde took a few months to finally accept Tamara. When Vash was three his father took him on yearly visit to see the family. During the visit Klaus was attacked by a member of the Nordic house named Nissa Thorfinn.Who used a poisoned knife to stab Klaus in the side. The man managed to get home with his son. But the poison was advanced and he got sick and died. Feeling bad for his young grandson who had sadly taken his mother’s last name he took the boy in to raise. Thus Vash was raised in a strict household and from an early age he learned from his grandfather that money was something to save. His mother was allowed to stay but only if she worked within the house as a hired hand.

He quickly found out his grand father had an odd relationship with the head of the Roman house. Vash himself found the man to very creepy with how he looked and acted with his grandfather. As well as hit on people much younger then him. He became close to a girl who would later be a member of the Roman house Angeline Hofstee (Belgium will change her name when we get one) He did not care she was four years older then him. He had little intrest in playing with his older cousins Ludwig and Gilbert. Though when he could not go out he would play with them. Playing board game with Ludwig and wrestling with Gilbert. When not playing he would have his nose in books on weapons. He quickly got one of the older members to teach him how to use a gun. He soon became very good at using the weapons and started a collection of them.

One rainy night when he was fourteen he was walking past an alley after a big and loud argument with his cousin Roderich over sheet music being ruined, He spotted a young girl crying alone. He she was soaked to the bone so he gave her his jacket. Then asked her why she was out there. She told him that she had been kicked out of her house for hacking. Feeling sorry for the girl he took her home and begged his mother and grandfather to adopt her. The two agreed thus making her a member of the house.

While on a mission at seventeen to take down a rambunctious head of a gang in Germany. The mission got a bit messy with a knife fight when one of the guards got in the was. Vash managed to win killing the guard, head, and the rest of the gang by using a bomb that was set off by Elise. During the fight he got a nasty cross shaped wound which to this day is a scar.

Roleplay Sample: ( post from a past rp)

Vash over looked the file his grand father had given him. He was to find and bring back women. He frowned wondering how his grand aunt would take to being brought back to the home she ran from years ago. The picture of the women was still beautiful despite her age. Vash got out of the car and headed for a small café.

Pretty older women sat at a table sipping a small latte. She had no idea her grand nephew was sent out to look for her. Her long blond was braided and wrapped around her head and pinned in place. She set the cup down sighing.

Vash sat at the table.” Hello Aunt Anja” Anja looked at the boy “You look like my Eldest brother.” Vash smiled “He is my grandfather.” Anja chuckled. “You are Klaus’ boy correct?” Vash nodded his head. The women looked sad “you have your mother’s softer features. What brings you here child?” She sipped her latte again. Vash sat up straight. “Grandfather sent me to collect you. My name is Vash.” “A French name…? Oh yes Tamara was from Switzerland.” Vash looked away. Anja shook her head “What makes Brunhilde think I would return willingly?” Vash’s eyes went cold “He wants you to aid in a wedding. He is forcing my adopted sister to marry in to the Nordic house” She noted his voice “you care for her more then a sister?” Vash stood up “THAT DOES NOT CONCERN YOU! NOW YOU ARE GOING BACK EVEN IF HAVE TO DRUG YOU DRAG YOU BACK!” he set her empty cup down. “Stubborn and thick headed just like him. I would have thought eh would have taught you to respect your elders. I will return. I have forgiven him enough to help with this”


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Post  swissgun on Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:34 am

It is done by the way. it was done when posted the history and sample.


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