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Full Name: Elise Vogel
Age: 15
Birthday: July 12
Gender: Female
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: German
Rank: Hacker

Her Gun Skills

Being Alone
Seeing People get Hurt

Personality: She is sweet and humble on the outside, but on the inside, she hides more information than one could possibly even imagine. Over training that she received as a child she learned to take on information quickly and gained a photographic memory. She is quick when it comes to the computer and extremely high tech. She tries to be her best as a sister to Vash since she never really had any siblings; with this Vash is one of her major weaknesses. It was also with Vash and the family that she learned how to use a gun better than how she did on the streets. She is protected heavily though by the family so she mostly sticks to her hacking to help them since no one wants her to do field work, she doesn’t want to see that again.

She mostly dresses in the pretty dresses that her Head and Vash get her. She mostly wears high collared items or has a form of a chocker or scarf on to hide the scar on her neck. She isn’t ashamed of her scars but she got tired of seeing the pity looks, so she hides them to make the looks go away.

History: She always felt as if Lady Luck was never on her side. She had lost her family in a freak accident when she was a small child and placed into an orphanage faster than she could blink. Her outer family didn’t want to take care of her over finances so foster home was her only option. She was never happy in the place and most families turned away from her since she had a scar on her left thigh from the accident. She was on the side of the car that was hit the accident but far enough away to get the full impact.

With one family that took her in, they were all computer genius so she picked up a few things, mostly from the couples’ son who was a devoted hacker and he taught her everything she would need to know. He knew so much that he taught her, she never hacked so she didn’t know how good she was until he made her hack one night. It was then she found out that she was in a house of criminals and they were training her to join them. She pretended to not know who they really were until one night when they pointed a gun at her head demanded for her to join them. She escaped, but not without getting a scar on her neck from the bullet fired at her for running. She later stole a survival bag along with other items while they were away.

With her escape she lived on the streets at the age of ten, and with that she was used the crime she randomly saw on the streets but she was protected over the two guns that she took from the family. They protected her life most of the time but she never had to fire them, which she was glad for since she only had a few bullets with her. But it was a rainy night on the Anniversary of her parents’ death that she was found by a boy. He offered her food and protection, she as scared of him but she followed.

It was with the boy that she was introduced to the German Mafia family. She didn’t think running from a criminal family would lead her to a Mafia Family. But her running was one thing she was glad about when it came to her new family.

Other Important Info:
She has a deep scar on her left thigh from a car accident and a scar on the right side of her neck that is thin but it is still noticeable.
She carries two guns with her, both are S&W M&P Semi-Automatic Handgun 9mm but one is black that she named Dunkel and a silver one that she named Licht.
She is also really good friends with Elizabeta and Ukraine (will change to human name later)
She is very fluent in German along with different languages that she had taken interest upon and decided to learn. German though is still her strongest in understanding and speaking.
Elise about 99.9% of the time has her laptop on her. The only time she doesn't is when she is around in the German Household. Other that that she mostly keeps her laptop in a simple backpack which she always has on her back.

Roleplay Sample:

It was a quiet afternoon, no one was really in the house except for a few people in their office or people doing random chores. Loud sounds were heard softly from the soundproof room. A young girl was aiming a gun at a target with one of her green eyes closed. She had ear protectors on along with eye protector. Her small hands held the gun tightly as she pulled the trigger.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

She stopped and put the gun down on the counter as the target was brought up to her on the machine. She looked at what she needed to improve on. She was still aiming slightly to the right this time with the gun and one was up too high. She sent the target back and she picked up her gun again. She aimed but it was then she felt strong arms come around her small ones and helped her aim while grabbing her hands. She smiled as the larger body shot the target with her this time.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

The callused hands let hers go as the target was brought up again showing all bull’s-eye marks. She felt his hands come up and take her ear protectors off. She gave a smile before turning around to look into older and sharper green eyes. “As much as you teach me Bruder,” she said softly. “You will always be the sharper shooter.” It was then she heard his deep chuckle while he took the protective glasses off her face. Vash gently took her hand leading her away from the guns and bullets, the dark part of the family.


Name: You can just call me Elise
Timezone: EST
MSN/AIM;etc: I would love to talk to everyone, but please ask me for these
You read the rules, right?: Elise Vogel - Liechtenstein App Funny-bunny-lrg
You read the ChatBox rules, right?: Yep!
Anything else?: I hope we have fun RPing with each other!

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Very nice, Approved.
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