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Jobs of the Mafia  Empty Jobs of the Mafia

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:04 am

When it comes to the Mafia, there are jobs on must have in order to have Order in their Family and part of the city.

♦ Heir - Decision made by the Head
♥ Guard - The Head of the Household and the Heir choose their own personal Guard.
♣ Hacker
♠ Spy
♦ Gunman
♥ Intelligence
♣ Supplier
♠ Messenger
♦ Hitman
♥ Runners

When it comes to the Heirs, ONLY the Heads can chose them. There will be no forcing people to made characters to be important.

This jobs are just there to give ideas to what the characters can do, these are not the only jobs. You can make your character have any job as long as it is reasonable to the character and to the family.

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