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Regarding the ChatBox Empty Regarding the ChatBox

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:33 am

Guidelines of the ChatBox

1. Any event that transpires within the CBox will remain in the CBox. If your character elopes or gets shot, it will not affect said character in the actual roleplay.

2. Keep the CBox clean of explicit events or M-rated events. There will be no sexual acts done within the CBox. It can make some people uncomfortable, so please be mindful. You may move your acts of sexual congress to the PMs or places such as MSN, AIM, Yahoo, etc. Also. Nothing too excessively gory, unless the people within the CBox prove to be fine with the endeavor.

3. If you are currently reading, please tell me your favorite color in the app.

4. There will be no avoidance of anyone when in the CBox. Please try and make everyone feel included.

5. If there is any drama between the RPers, please notify an administrator or a moderator so that things can be settled. When involved in drama, please try and keep your temper. We don't want things to be blown out of hand. It creates awkward moments and people tend to side and it causes unneeded trouble.

6. The CBox is mainly used for Out of Character talk, but feel free to roleplay. Just remember to keep Rule #1 in mind.

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