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Post  Kiku Honda on Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:33 pm


Kiku Honda Application [Finished] 104004

Full Name: Kiku Honda
Age: 19
Birthday: February 11th
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Asian
Position: Current Position: Spy
Previous Position: Hacker (But he accidentally downloaded a virus while looking up… some things..)

< Unbelievably Plain -- When you take a glance at Kiku, you’re probably not going to take a second one. His appearance could be described to be average, normal, and even go as far as mediocre. This is an excellent quality for a spy, because he could easily blend into any crowd and background. Do to his overall blandness, he could disguise himself to be anything. Of course with the help of cosmetics, the right clothes, and a wig: he could transform himself to a rebellious pre-teen to a humble old man to even a perfectly normal girl.

< Loyal -- When Kiku decide to stay with the people it doesn’t matter friends, family (in this case the Asain family), or lover; he tends to always be by there side, through thick and thin. And if anything happens to anyone he cares about he’ll come after you. Sorry, but once he’s with you; you’re pretty much stuck with him.

< Hard Working -- He has always been raised around the idea, if you want anything in life you’d have to earn it. Kiku will always do his best to carry out his missions successfully.

< Vague -- Usually being vague is a bad thing, because no one really know what the heck you’re talking about. But the way Kiku uses it is quite useful. If you’ve taken the time to really know him. He’s still pretty mysterious no matter how long you’ve known him. He often uses his vague responses as codes for his family to understand the current situation. Such as: “It was…preasant..” means that the mission was successful. “Who courd have thought..” means “I can’t believe you didn’t terr me this before hand!” And “It could be worst” means that he’s in heck of trouble. BACK UP! BACK UP! He also uses his vagueness when people are questioning him like pedestrians, polices, or if he gets captured by another family. He’ll start to speak in circles and never give them a straight answer. Also if he gives you a “I’ll think about it” or “ Maybe Next Time”; it means no. He always means no. It’s a quirk of his.

< Expert in Technology -- He might not know all that much about the Western customs, but he does know a thing or two about gadgets. He loves to miniaturize useful things so they could be portable and stylish. Some things that he has miniaturize himself are cameras, recorders, weapons, and things of that nature. Kiku is always keeping up with technology and the media. He’s always upgrading his laptop, playing games, or listening to music.

> Easily Flustered -- Usually he has a straight posture and face on most of the time. However some things that could really get a dumbfounded reaction or even put him in a state of panic are: invading his personal space, public display of affection, any sort of nudity, doing things that seem strange to him, people searching his room, overhearing what people think of him, and situations where he is the tie breaker.

> Honorable -- Usually this would be considered a good thing, and usually it is when it comes to his mannerism and the important decisions he makes. He’d do anything to make his family proud of him and keep their honor. However, when it comes to fighting. He fights like a samurai: he always bow before a fight, shows good sportsmanship, and never fights dirty. So don’t expect him to poke you in the eye or kick you in your crotch. However fighting honorably leads him open for foul play.

> Naiive -- He was cut off from the outside world since he’s been a child, so it’s easy to play pranks and tricks on him. It also makes him quite gullible. He still has some traits of a child such as competitiveness, doesn’t understand complex things, and cannot sympathize with what people are going through. From time to time he’ll even take idioms, and sarcasm literally, but normally things just go over his head and confuse the heck out of him.

> Cute Things-- Once Kiku’s set on a task, he puts 110% effort and focus on that task… OH LOOK, KITTY! Yep, the only thing that could distract him from basically anything are cute things, such as animals, new clothes, children, and trinkets. They will always have a place in his heart even if he’s an adult. Whenever he’s not working he’ll be window shopping or online browsing. However he doesn’t buy any of them until they’re on sale.

> His Accent -- His accent in any other languages isn’t that bad. However his native Japanese accent really comes out strong whenever he speaks English. Like most Japanese people his “L”s comes out as “R”s and his grammar is pretty terrible. This is a dead give away whenever he’s undercover. That is why he pretends that he doesn’t know English if he dressed as an Asian. However, if he’s dressed like other races he would be soft spoken, have a hoarse voice, or even use sign language to avoid risking his accent coming out. Kiku has tried everything to get rid of his pesky accent, but alas he was not successful.

Kiku is the kid you’ll see in the back of the room gazing outside the window. He’s extremely shy, quiet, and mysterious when you first meet him. Once you work with him, you can automatically tell that he means business and that he’s quite the hard worker. He tries his best to please everyone by going up, up, and beyond. However when he fails, he beats himself up mentally. He’s extremely self-conscious about what people think of him. All his life, people would always say bad things about him. Even if they haven’t met or gotten to know him yet.

Not many people stick around to get to know Kiku and when they try to he’s a hard nut to crack. He doesn’t open up to just anyone, because he has major trust issues. However, when he does open up; He’s kind, strong-willed, creative, and a good friend to have by your side.

He’s interested in learning all sorts of different things in the world. Kiku adores Jpop and traditional Japanese music. When it comes to creativity he mainly draws anime, and in most cases he just doodles. He’s fond of cosplay and dressing up in the traditional Japanese kimonos. When it comes to technology he’s head over heels for it but some things he finds better done by hand. Also don’t make him choose between the city and the country. He loves both equally. To sum up Kiku Honda: he’s the perfect combination of the older and new generation of Japan.

When Kiku was born it was a happy and a dreadful day. His father was crying tears of joy and sorrow when he held his son, because Kiku was his first child and a murderer. His mother died while giving birth to him. It was a common thing for the mother to die during birth back than, but the happily married couple never thought that it would happen to them.

After a few weeks, his father had decided that he couldn’t mentally or financially take care of him anymore. So he gave full custody to the grandparents. Even though they knew that Kiku killed their only daughter; they still cared and loved him.

However, the community around them wasn’t so accepting. All the adults would stare at Kiku with disgust and wouldn’t even let their children play with him. This saddened him so much that he was afraid to go outside. When he started school, it became worst; not only did the deed follow him there too, but he was bullied and teased about it. Everyday he would come home in tears from all the taunts and physical abuse. Until, his grandparents decided that it would be best if he was home school from then on.

So onward he grew living a very lonely and sad life with his grandparents. They were really old fashion too so all their customs, habits, and morals rubbed off on him. They lived peacefully that way for several years;

One day during Lunar (Chinese) New Years, they had decided for a change they’d go out to one of the festivals. The lights, music, and booths opened Kiku’s eyes for the first time. He felt connect to the physical world and wanted to learn more about it. However, the happy moment didn’t last very long. A few hours later a fight broke out between Families.

It sent terror and panic throughout the crowd. The noise of guns going off and bullets piercing into flesh filled the once joyful atmosphere. He was separated from his loving grandparents for what seemed to be eternity. In the middle of the intense gun fight, the grandparents found Kiku underneath the dragon costume. They were gonna quickly take him home until two stray bullets came from behind and instantly killed them. Kiku was horrified and in shock when his grandparents fell beside him, lifeless. He was stuck hiding under the costume for another hour until sound of guns died.

The Asian Family was left behind to clean up the mess, since it was in their territory. One of the members found Kiku hysterically crying for his dead grandparents. They felt awful for the small child to witness such a gruesome thing. Later he found out that no other family members were willing to take him in, so he was sent to an orphanage.

Somehow the Asian family heard of this and decided to adopt him (more like kidnap him from the orphanage). Ever since then, he’s been with the family.

Other Important Info:

> Unreadable -- From the most intense situation to a quiet tea party, Kiku always have this rather blank gaze. Not even his body language could give himself away. You could never tell exactly what he’s thinking about. Most people would think he just knows how to keep his cool, but in reality that’s just how he is.

> Apologetic -- He is always apologizing for the littlest things even if there’s nothing wrong with doing so. He would even apologize for something he didn’t do.

> Follower -- Honestly Kiku doesn’t always agree with Asian Family’s deeds or their morals but he follows them anyways. Truthfully, he dislikes violence especially when they could be avoided. He doesn’t even like the idea of guns and he refuses to use one against his enemy if he can help it. Kiku mainly fights with his kendo sword which he often carry around for defense, however, when he’s in disguise he could only keep a pocket knife with him. Drug trafficking, stealing, and kidnapping is all against his morals, yet he’ll follow the Asain family with his last breath. Why do you ask? Because he will forever be in their debt for taking him in and treating him like family.

Roleplay Sample:

“Another day another mission..” Kiku woke up early this morning to get ready. He took a quick shower, used the bathroom, and brushed his teeth. That was the easy part, now to figure out what to wear. He scanned his huge walk-in closet to figure out what he was going to be disguised as. A cute black frilly dress caught his eye. He had bought that dress a couple weeks ago when it was on sale, but hadn’t had a chance to try it on.

Stockings, heels, a dress and a wig later; Kiku sat in front of the mirror brushing his long curly blonde wig. ”Dis itches..” Honestly he thought the worst part about a disguise is the wig. It didn’t matter how good of a quality the wig was; it still itched. He wouldn’t mind dyeing his hair for every mission but since his hair doesn’t grow that fast. Wigs were the only choice he had. Thankfully he kept his wigs in good shape, so there wasn’t a lot of knots.

Then came the makeup: a little bit of foundation was applied to conceal his natural pale yellow color. He never liked too much make up on a girl even on himself. He went for a natural look with long eye lashes and pink lip gloss.

Finally he was finished, and to almost everyone’s surprise he looked like a French girl. He gave a quick twirl in front of the mirror just for fun. Then came a Click!. The sound had came from the door: two members of his family were awake. And they had a toothy grin as they looked at the picture they just taken. “This is so going online..” All Kiku could do was say and mutter, “Not again..”


Name: Stabbi, you could call me Japan or Kiku too.
Timezone: ( GMT - 6:00 )
MSN/AIM;etc: For emergencies you could PM and I'll give you my email address
You read the rules, right?: Hai à Kiku Honda Application [Finished] Lol
You read the ChatBox rules, right?: Yes, I have and I just have to say that I love all colors equally~
Anything else?: This is my first time role-playing in a mafia themed boards, so please go easy on me…
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Post  Admin on Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:01 am

You are accepted!!!!

I really enjoyed your app

If you could change your account name to the Characters name it would be greatly appreciated!

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Kiku Honda Application [Finished] Empty Re: Kiku Honda Application [Finished]

Post  Kiku Honda on Tue Jan 03, 2012 12:25 am

Thank you so much for accepting me! I had alot of fun and put alot of thought into this app so I'm happy that you like it! I can't wait to get to know everyone <3
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